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Supreme Power Solutions(SPS)

Name:Supreme Power Solutions(SPS)


Brand Introduction
Beijing Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Supreme Power Systems Co., Ltd.) is a revolutionary innovation reservoir with a focus on the field of new energy products -- super capacitor development and commercial application of Xing enterprise. It provides efficient and reliable energy storage components and system products for the automotive, industrial and civil fields to improve the efficiency and reliability of power supply. In particular, to participate in and support electric vehicles, wind and solar and other renewable energy industry, energy conservation and the development of the industry, green storage has always been committed to become a high performance, high reliability, high efficiency and long service life, environmental protection system leader. SPS provides advanced supercapacitors and energy storage solutions for all types of customer demand for power systems. SPS products and systems have been successfully applied in electric and hybrid cars, wind turbine pitch control system, solar lighting and emergency power supply, rail traffic braking energy recovery system, port machinery and equipment, energy saving electric power system protection system, instrument power supply, China, customers throughout Europe and North America Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
Product Series
Power supply, capacitor, super capacitor management system, etc.
Application Areas
Medical electronics, instrumentation, transportation / automotive industry / automation, energy / Surveying
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