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Brand Introduction
Chi Min Zhexu is the development, production and sales of Hall sensor in our country and one of Hall components main enterprises. The company is a joint-stock enterprise developed and expanded on the basis of Nanjing Semiconductor Device General Factory. At present, it has become the only designated military Hall sensors, Hall components scientific research and production unit of General Equipment Department, Ministry of Information Industry, Aerospace Science and Technology Group, Aerospace Science and Industry Group, Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation, North Industries Group Corporation. The company has more than 40 kinds of Hall products supporting national key military projects, among which there are Hall current and voltage sensors, Hall position sensors and Hall integrated circuits supporting the production of 'Shenzhou' spacecraft, 'Fengyun' satellite, 'Dongfanghong' communication satellite, nuclear submarine, long-range missile and so on. In recent years, Hall series products are widely used in instrument, instrument, home appliance, textile, printing, locomotive, electric vehicle, automobile, computer, post and telecommunications, electric power, national defense and military and other industries and fields.
Product Series
Hall current sensor, Hall voltage sensor, Hall proximity switch, Hall flow sensor, Hall current transmitter, gear sensor
Application Areas
Consumption, Industrial, military, aviation and other fields
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